2017 Comprehensive Plan

To Sustain and Support the Town of Triana

The Triana Comprehensive Plan is meant to serve as a policy guide for the future of the town.

The Comprehensive Plan for Triana, Alabama is based on the unique aspects and challenges that characterize the Town of Triana. Like many other small rural towns, Triana faces enormous challenges. Economics, public finance, infrastructure, education, transportation, demographic changes, and others are issues that must be assessed and addressed in order to sustain and support the Town of Triana in the future. The Comprehensive Plan is the best tool to coordinate this task. Through an assessment of the town's history, culture, character, assets, and issues, the Comprehensive Plan offers a realistic inventory of the challenges and resources available to the Town of Triana and the ultimate solutions to the most important challenges Triana faces.

The 2017 Comprehensive Plan is made available for you to download on this page. We welcome your review and feedback.

2017 Comprehensive Plan