Board of Adjustments

The Town of Triana Board of Adjustments is an independent, quasi-judicial body. It is empowered to grant relief from the strict application of the Zoning Regulations (variances), approve certain uses of land (special exceptions), and hear appeals of actions taken by an administrative officer. The Board’s five members and two supernumeraries are appointed by the Mayor.


    1. Mrs. Blanche Orr
    2. Mrs. Jenay Plott
    3. Mrs. Sybrena Harris
    4. Mrs. Madge Griffin
    5. Ms. LaCorie Jones
    6. Vacant - Supernumerary
    7. Vacant - Supernumerary
    8. Council Representative – Mr. George Ragland


  • The Board of Adjustments meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 630 PM at Town Hall.  Persons wishing to appeal to the Board of Adjustments must submit such appeal in writing to the Board of Adjustments, Town of Triana, 640th Street, Madison AL 35756.  Appeal requests must be received by the Town no later than close of business 10 business days prior to the Board of Adjustments regular meeting.