Planning & Zoning Commission

The Triana Planning and Zoning Commission administers the Town Planning and Zoning in accordance with Alabama Code Title 11 Chapter 52.  The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews applications by persons and corporations to modify the zoning within the Town of Triana.  The Planning and Zoning Commission after evaluating rezoning proposals, forwards a recommendation to the Town Council for their consideration and vote in accordance with the Town's Zoning Ordinance.  

Additionally the Planning and Zoning Commission manages the process of the various phases of Subdivision developments as articulated in the Town's Subdivision Regulations.

The Planning Commission comprises the following individuals:  The mayor, or his or her designee, one of the administrative officials of the municipality selected by the mayor, a member of the council to be selected by it as a member ex officio and six persons who shall be appointed by the mayor.  The members of the Planning Commission are:

  1. Mayor: Mayor Mary Caudle - ex officio
  2. Administrative Official: Barry Davis - ex officio
  3. Council Member: Whitman - ex officio, Chairman
  4. Leon "Beechel" Grays - Mayoral Appointee
  5. Brenson Parks - Mayoral Appointee
  6. Tiffany Miles - Mayoral Appointee
  7. Christina Rodriguez - Mayoral Appointee
  8. Roy Seay - Mayoral Appointee
  9. Patsy Parvin - Mayoral Appointee

The Planning Commission meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00PM at Town Hall.  Persons wishing to be placed on the agenda to speak or submit rezoning applications should contact Town Hall no later than close of business the Friday prior.

Zoning Ordinance

Ordinance 2021-03

Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Regulations

Triana Zoning Map

Zoning Map v1.6



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