The Town of Triana maintains three cemeteries

  1. Triana Cemetery located at 126 4th Street
  2. Cedar Grove Historic Cemetery located on 6th Street adjacent to St Paul's UMC
  3. Lakeside Historic Cemetery located on 6th Street and Lakeside Drive

The latter two historic cemeteries are closed to new burials and serve as the resting place for some of Triana's earliest residents.

The Triana Cemetery at 126 4th Street Cemetery is open from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.  

Lots in the cemetery are $1500.00 each and may be pre-purchased in advance in full or via installment and includes the cost of opening and closing the graves.  Lots must be paid in full prior to burial.  Please contact the Town Clerk at 256-772-0151 for further information on purchasing a lot.  

The following rules apply within the cemetery per Town Ordinance 2018-01:

  • Permanent stone or metal grave markers must be installed within 90 days of burial. Permanent markers must be 28 square inches or larger and contain the name of the person buried and year of birth and death at a minimum.
  • Lot owners bear the responsibility of maintaining the headstones or grave markers
  • No trees or shrubberies may be planted
  • No food, alcohol, or any liquid shall be left within the cemetery
  • No lighting shall be installed within the cemetery (e.g. solar lights, path lights)
  • The Town reserves the right to discard worn, faded, or tattered decorations, or decaying live floral arrangements at any time 
  • The funeral home is responsible for installation of the burial vault if applicable.